Legend about „The White Stork”

DIt is said that during the reign of Ștefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great), an enormous army of Tatars besieged Soroca Fortress for months. While waiting for help, the warriors in the fortress, deprived of food and water, were losing their, strength and hope. Then, unexpectedly, a flock of white storks appeared above the citadel, carrying in their beaks bunches of grapes, which they let fall inside the fortress. The grapes and the birds’ invaluable aid helped the soldiers to regain their forces and raised the morale of the people who heroically repelled the invaders' attacks until the army led by Ștefan cel Mare came to help. Since then, the stork has become the symbol of unity. Moldovans welcome these birds every spring, in autumn they see them off before their journey to the South, preserving their nests next to people’s homes. The stork has remained the emblem of Moldovan wine, whose fame, along with the legend of these birds that bring good luck, is carried far beyond the borders.

About Us

The remarkable history of the stock joint company "Barza Albă" begins in 1944. For 75 years our products comprise all the experiences and love for the things which are well done, with dedication and devotion. The company has got an efficient production potential and a representative portfolio of ennobled divins aged 3 - 50 years. The company collaborates with the best distributors; its retail market extends from Australia to the USA, including countries such as Romania, Israel, China, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Germany, all CIS countries, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The basic concept of the J.S. Company "Barza Albă" is to become, through its performances and products of high quality, the symbol of the country, of the standard of quality and efficiency that will represent the wine sector of the Republic of Moldova as a good example worldwide.

Continuity through generations

The team of the joint stock company "Barza Albă" consists of over 150 professionals in the field of viticulture and winemaking, for whom the divin is the spirit and their way of life. The success of the company is ensured by the continuity of the generations, who passionately pass on their experience in the long-run race to perfection.

Constant quality

Sustainable partnership relationships, financial stability and well thought out marketing allow the company to look firmly and boldly into the future, to set ambitious plans for access to new markets, and for production development, maintaining a high quality level


Every year the joint stock company Barza Albă presents its products at international exhibitions and tasting competitions in France, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany. The most recognized divins are - "Belîi Aist", "Bălți", "Speranța", "Bucuria", "Codru", "Dragoș Voievod" and "President", who have obtained more than 150 medals, out of which 80 gold, 10 "Grand Prix", as well as the "Star AWARD" for special merits in the field of quality. In 2003, the company was awarded the "Grand Prix" for significant achievements in the wine sector and successes in promoting Moldovan divins on international markets. In 2004 and 2005 the company won twice the "State Award in the field of quality and competitiveness".